Bell System Practices
Western Electric Telephones and Equipment
As scanned by Frank Harrell (AKA Cowboy Frank)

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[   ]01750-MUB-i02-1986-04-01.pdf2.2M Ultracom Multibutton Telephone user's guide
[   ]11410-00-C_1981-01-01.pdf1.1M How to ge the most out of your StarSet® Headset (Plantronics)
[   ]183495-101-i06-01.pdf478K Corinth Telco Corp Phone warenty and instructions
[   ]4A_SpeakerphoneInstructions.jpg1.3M 
[   ]815-4.11.7-30M-RTK.pdf1.1M Kellogg Select-O-Phone circ 1949
[   ]CIB-2509F-01.pdf 97K Western Electric FCC Regs for your telephone
[   ]GN-2426_1965-05-01.pdf263K Introducing your new Trimline® Phone
[   ]GN-2429_1966-01-01.pdf1.1M How to use the new Card Dialer Telephone
[   ]SIB-2410A-01.pdf261K How to use your volume control handset (G6)
[   ]SIB-2430B-01.pdf399K Western Electric 2|2 2 line 2 hold telephone
[   ]SIB-2443A-01.pdf476K How to use the Multibutton Wall Telephone Set
[   ]SIB-2461B-01.pdf199K How to use your Operators Headset (60A Headband)
[   ]SIB-2477A-01.pdf3.9M How to use the 50A1 Portable Confrence Telephone
[   ]SIB-2477A-BW.pdf3.3M How to use the 50A1 Portable Confrence Telephone
[   ]TT-201-00.pdf890K Technio Tone or Pulse switchable telephone with 10 memory system
[   ]Trial-Instr-i01uction-3od_1972-07-i01.pdf8.6M 

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