Bell System Picturephone ®


By Cowboy Frank

An unexpected discovery

On December 25, 2021, I was invited to a Christmas party/dinner along with about 20 other people in the northern suburbs of Denver Colorado.

After greetings, we were lead to the basement where the main part of dinner and the party was.

I was having trouble with my hips, so I was concentrating more on my hips than the room I was being lead to.

When I entered the room, I was presented with a wall of book cases filled with all kinds of phones.

As I moved down the collection, back in the corner was an actual Picturephone ®, and it appears to be complete. At least he said he had the control unit. He showed me the storage room and there were several KSUs and a box which I believe was the Picturephone ® control box..

In addition he had both an early demonstration manual along with Bell Labs issue dedicated completely to the Picturephone ®

The collector knew what it was but had no idea of how rare and valuable it is.

Below are links to PDF copies of both publications.

Bell Laboratories Record, May/June, 1969 (PDF 13 megs)

How to use your Picturephone ® (PDF 2 megs)


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