Bell System Practices
Western Electric Telephones and Equipment
As scanned by Frank Harrell (AKA Cowboy Frank)

File Naming Conventions
A-Assembly C-Connections D-iDentification G-General I-Installation M-Maintenance O-Operation R-Reference S-Service W-Wireing
<-- Blue bar indicates one or more earler versions are availble

[DIR]Parent Directory -  
[DIR]500-/ - General Considerations for Station Installations
[DIR]501-/ - Station Set Components
[DIR]502-/ - Common Battery Station Sets
[DIR]503-/ - Modular Station Sets - Common Battery
[DIR]506-/ - Coin Collectors
[DIR]508-/ - Public Telephone Enclosures and Miscellaneous Accessories
[DIR]512-/ - Autornotic Dialers, Station Keys, Key Equipment, lnterphone Systems, Modular Units, and Speakerphone Systems
[DIR]514-/ - Telephone Answering and Announcement Sets and Systems
[DIR]518-/ - Key Telephone Systems, Video Telephone Stations, and Switching Systems
[DIR]529-/ - Station Apparatus and Equipment Intended Solely for Speciolly-Engineered lines - Not for General Telephone Use

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