Bell System Practices
Western Electric Telephones and Equipment
As scanned by Frank Harrell (AKA Cowboy Frank)

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[   ]500-110-100-i05_1965-10-01.pdf348K  Transmission zoning
[   ]500-112-100-i05_1973-01-01.pdf1.0M  Inductive noise Reference
[   ]500-112-100-i08_1973-01-01.pdf1.0M  Inductive noise Reference
[   ]500-112-100-i08_1973-01-02.pdf1.0M  Newer Issue
[   ]500-112-100-i10_1977-12-02.pdf130K  Newer Issue
[   ]500-114-100-i04_1971-08-01.pdf2.1M  Ringing limitations
[   ]500-114-100-i06_1978-07-01.pdf421K  Ringing limitations
[   ]500-114-100-i06_1978-07-02.pdf421K  Newer Issue
[   ]500-114-100-i10_1971-08-02.pdf2.2M  Newer Issue
[   ]500-116-400-i01_1962-02-01.pdf 79K  Ringer connections, tip-party identification, for stations connected to long-line equipment
[   ]500-150-100-i01_1970-04-01.pdf464K  Radio signal suppression for telephone sets
[   ]500-150-100-i06_1970-04-01.pdf778K  Radio signal suppression for telephone sets
[   ]500-150-100-i06_1970-04-02.pdf778K  Newer Issue
[   ]500-150-100-i10_1979-11-02.pdf674K  Newer Issue
[   ]500-810-200-i02_1969-12-01.pdf189K  Packaging and handling, disconnected station apparatus Reference

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