Bell System Practices
Western Electric Telephones and Equipment
As scanned by Frank Harrell (AKA Cowboy Frank)

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[   ]506-100-100-i01_1980-08-01.pdf270K  Public Services Staion Bonding and Grounding
[   ]506-100-101-i02_1976-09-01.pdf292K  Coin Telephone Stations Backboards
[   ]506-100-105-i02_1980-02-01.pdf346K  Coin Level Detector Identification, Installation, Connections, Operation, Maintenance
[   ]506-100-108-i02_1977-06-01.pdf 75K  Manual Extension Service on Semi-Public Coin Lines connected to Coin Sets
[   ]506-100-110-i02_1975-03-01.pdf224K  Coin Telephone Stations Coin Hopper Vane Replacement
[   ]506-100-130-i03_1980-08-01.pdf178K  Coin Test Line Circuit
[   ]506-110-100-i01_1959-01-01.pdf635K  Coin Collectors General Info and Method of Operation
[   ]506-110-101-i01_1963-09-01.pdf2.5M  Coin Collectors, Identification and Assembly of Parts
[   ]506-110-103-i01_1967-07-01.pdf1.0M  Alarm Switches and Security Devices for Coin Collectors/Telephones Identification, Installation
[   ]506-110-103-i01_1967-10-03.pdf 17K  Addendium
[   ]506-110-200-i05_1963-10-01.pdf1.3M  Coin Collectors Installation
[   ]506-110-200-i07_1967-12-02.pdf251K  Newer Issue
[   ]506-110-302-i02_1963-06-01.pdf1.1M  Coin Collectors, 200 series Maintenance
[   ]506-322-400-i02_1967-02-01.pdf 53K  236G Coin Telephone Connections Connections
[   ]506-326-400-i03_1968-05-02.pdf128K  Newer Issue
[   ]506-410-400-i06_1980-08-02.pdf3.2M  Newer Issue
[   ]506-410-401-i02_1980-08-01.pdf229K  1D/2D Type Coin Telephone Sets (DTF Only) Identification
[   ]506-500-100-i03_1980-08-01.pdf534K  10A and 20A Coinless Telephone set, KS-22284 Backboard Identification, Installation, Tests, Connections, Maintenance

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